Electric Snowblowers

Electric snowblowers are relatively new on the scene but they seem to be taking a bite out of this traditionally gas powered market.

Electric snowblowers are generally between 11 and 24 inches and require 10 to 15 amperes (about the same as a hair dryer) These snowblowers have definite pros and cons but they have become very popular with young and old for very different reasons. Some people love them because they are very environmentally friendly. This is because they do not burn any petrochemicals therefor there are no harmful emissions into the environment. Another big pro is how whisper-quiet these units are - you can quietly clear your sidewalk or deck at night without waking your neighbours. Plus, electric snowblowers are very light and easy to use - just plug them in, turn the key and get to snow blowing.

There are three types of electric snowblowers: Power shovels - these are intended for very light jobs like walkways, decks and smaller driveways. Plug-in, or corded, electric snowblowers resemble a smaller version of a gas powered machine but with less noise and they are much easier to use and are great for medium duty jobs. There are now cordless electric snowblowers on the market that run off of internal batteries and they are quite impressive. In the past year, major manufactures have released electric snowblowers that look and work exactly like their gas-powered counterparts so keep an eye on these machines.

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