Gasoline Powered Snowblowers

The vast majority of snow blowers sold in Canada are gasoline powered.

Gas snowblowers come in many different sizes and with many different features and, of course, at prices ranging from affordable to very expensive. We cannot tell you what you need but we can show you what is available. While most machines sold today have electric starters, many still offer the ability to start them using the old style pull cord.

The four main things that you need to decide is how wide a clearing width you need, how big/strong an engine you require, how many stages do you want and finally, how much can you afford to pay. After you have the basics figured out, then you can decide on the different features that you would like. Snow throwers today offer a wide array of helpful features such as: auto-turn, heated hand grips, headlights, power steering as well as a variety of forward and reverse gears. Take a look below - we have assembled the most current list of gas powered snowblowers available in Canada today.