Just Snowblowers Canada.

Canadians are no strangers to winter... In fact we seem to thrive in it. Winter means one thing to all of us: Snow, and lots of it. Not many of us can escape the need to clear snow during the long winter months. According to the latest Statistics Canada report, over 200,000 Canadian households purchase a snowblower every year. About 20% of all households reported owning a gas powered snowblower. No matter where you live in Canada, you will need one of these machines some day. Let us help you to choose which one is best for you.

Electric snowblowers

Electric Snowblowers

Electric snow blowers have come a long way over the past few years. You now have a choice between simple electric shovels, medium sized corded units and even battery-powered cordless models. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly snowblower that is easy to use, then take a look at these. Electric Snowblowers

Gas powered snowblowers

Gas Snowblowers

Gas powered snowblowers are the hands-down Canadian favourite. These machines range from simple single-stage units with only a few basic features to high end three-stage snow clearing systems with all the bells and whistled. Find out what features are out there and what's best for you. Gas Snowblowers

Snowblower attachments

Snowblower Attachments

Do you have a large area that needs to be cleared? If you do, then you should consider looking into a snowblower attachments. These bad boys are mounted onto your tractor or utility vehicle. Snowblower attachments have a much wider scoop so you can clear more area in a shorter time. Snowblower Attachments