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John Deere 39-in Two-Stage Snow Blower Tractor Attachment

John Deere 39-in Two-Stage Snow Blower Tractor Attachment

By John Deere

Model: BM26888 | Internet: 876847
Details about this unit:
  • Clearing Width: 39 inches
  • Two-stage snow handling
  • Warranty: 1 years

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Available at Home Depot Canada
Available at Home Depot USA
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More about this product:

Compatible with D100 and E100 series John Deere tractors
Works well in all snow conditions
Suited for snow removal around recreational parks, industrial parks, and other applications where snow must be moved greater distances
Ideal for home and estate owners in heavy snow regions
More effective than single-stage snow blowers when operating in wet, heavy snow and deep snow conditions
Low-speed auger sizes crusted material as it moves snow toward the second-stage blower
Provides consistent snow placement in variable snow conditions because the high-speed blower gives the discharged snow consistent velocity, even in very light clean-up volumes

Clearing Width: 44-in
Impeller Size: 14-in
Throwing Distance: 30-ft
Chute Height: 23-in
Chute Rotation: 200
Intake Height: 18-in
Stage: Two-stage